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Physiotherapy Brampton: Myths and Facts About Physiotherapy

Studies show that 41% of patients looking for pain relief found that physiotherapy was the most effective alternative treatment to medication. While physiotherapy provides many benefits, there are also many myths about these services that keep people from getting the care they need. 

Learning the facts about physiotherapy can help you decide if it is right for you. Do you want to learn more about the myths about getting physiotherapy in Brampton? 

Keep reading this physiotherapy guide for the top myths and facts about physiotherapy. 

Myth: Physiotherapy Is Only for Injuries

One of the common misconceptions about physiotherapy is that it is only used to treat injuries. However, physiotherapy can be used by anyone to improve their range of motion and mobility. 

This is one of the biggest physiotherapy benefits! 

While many people only work with a physiotherapist after a sports injury or accident, it can be used to relieve any type of pain. 

For example, you may have lifestyle factors that lead to general wear and tear. These subtle issues can get worse over time. Rather than ignoring these issues, you can work with a physiotherapist to help you avoid injuries in the future.

This way, you can enjoy your daily life without aggravating these issues.

Your physiotherapist can also help you evaluate problems and diagnose issues before they lead to more serious injuries. For example, you can treat issues with back pain, pelvic floor issues, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Myth: Physiotherapy Only Includes Exercises

Another common myth about physiotherapy is that it only includes exercise. While there are many different exercises you can do to improve your mobility and function, this is only a small part of physiotherapy. 

Your physiotherapist can use many different techniques to improve your strength and flexibility. For example, this can include manual therapy, exercises, massage, and more! Your treatments will depend on the issue you are dealing with. 

Meeting with a physiotherapist will allow you to create a customized treatment plan that will work best for your needs. 

Similarly, many people think that physiotherapy is synonymous with massage therapy. However, these are completely different practices. Massage therapy is used primarily for relaxation. On the other hand, physiotherapy is used to improve your function.

While physiotherapy may use some massage techniques as part of the services, it also includes much more. 

Myth: Physiotherapy Hurts

Many people worry that physiotherapy is painful. This keeps many people from getting the treatment they need. While physiotherapy may include some discomfort, it is typically not too painful!

Plus, it is better to deal with minor discomfort during physiotherapy than it would be to leave your problem untreated. 

Your physiotherapist will work with you at your current level. They will never push you farther than you are ready for. This means you will not have too much pain during your appointments. 

Myth: You Need a Referral for a Physiotherapist

Another reason why people may not get physiotherapy treatment is that they think they need a referral to see a physiotherapist. However, this is not always the case. While your doctor may recommend physiotherapy, you can choose to work with a physiotherapist whenever you want. 

If you feel that physiotherapy services could help you, you can get a consultation from a local therapist. 

Still, there are some benefits of getting a referral. In some cases, this is necessary for the treatment to be covered by your insurance. 

Myth: Physiotherapy Takes a Long Time

Many people worry that physiotherapy sessions require a large time commitment. However, the length of physiotherapy treatment will depend on many factors. 

For example, you need to consider your prognosis. Depending on the type of injury and what body part was injured, your treatment length will vary. Something like a fracture will take longer to heal than a muscle strain. 

Your physiotherapist will take all of your information into consideration when creating a treatment plan. You can discuss your length of treatment during your first appointment with your physiotherapist. 

Myth: You Can Do Physiotherapy On Your Own

Some people think that physiotherapy isn’t worth the money. They may think that they could do the exercises on their own and see the same results. However, it is always best to find physiotherapists in Brampton to guide you through your exercises. 

This is because they have specialized education and knowledge that will improve your results. While you may be able to see some results from doing exercises and stretches on your own, a physiotherapist can create a customized treatment plan that works better for you!

They can also assist you in different physiotherapy techniques. This includes massage, manual therapy, and more. 

Myth: Physiotherapy Only Helps Muscular Problems

Finally, many people think that physiotherapy only helps with muscular problems. Often, people that have been injured need physiotherapy to strengthen their muscles and increase their strength. 

However, physiotherapy can work for many other health problems. For example, it can help with pain relief, prevent injuries, and more. 

Physiotherapy is also used to treat joint pain, ligament tears or sprains, and more. Working with a licensed physiotherapist can help nearly any ailment!

Learn More About Physiotherapy in Brampton Today

Whether you are injured or simply want to improve your range of motion, finding a physiotherapist can help! Learning about these myths and facts can help you decide the best course of action to take to improve your health. 

If you need help with Physiotherapy in Brampton, Reform Physiotherapy can help! We specialize in pelvic floor physiotherapy and other physiotherapy services and can help you improve your quality of life.

Contact us at our Brampton pelvic physiotherapy clinic today to learn more about our pelvic physio services and to get other physiotherapy tips. 

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